Northern Gateway Museum
Located on Moody Drive in Denare Beach, SK   Canada              Call us: (306) 362-2141
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About Northern Gateway Museum
The original Northern Gateway Museum was founded by Harry Moody in 1956. It is one of Saskatchewan’s oldest museums. 

The Northern Gateway Museum’s permanent exhibits contain artefacts that pertain to the history of the Denare Beach community and surrounding area. It displays First Nations artefacts including leather wear, embroidery, beadwork and tools. There are artefacts from Fort Henry Frobisher and other fur trade artefacts. 

There are artefacts from Beaver City and other local mining operations. The collection includes artefacts from the early residents of Denare Beach dating from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. The collection also contains many archival records of these activities. 

The permanent exhibits relate directly to the Northern Gateway Museum’s statement of purpose which is to collect, preserve, study and exhibit objects pertaining to the history of the Denare Beach area.